Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Earlier today, my ever-growing list of must-do’s was overtaking all thoughts and actions. Hurry up and check this off, then another, with tomorrow’s stresses ringing out like alarm bells. Then methodically, I stop and I turn my head to see a morning glory gently waving through my kitchen window. Look at me,” she insists. Now her friends join in the chorus. They are the brass section of this orchestra. Come out-out, come outside,” they rat-ta-tat to me.


Blue Colored Morning Glory Flowers BackgroundI cannot resist such an overture so I go out to greet them. I follow the stone walkway and I am welcomed by a colorful composition of plants and trees. My garden provides the music that washes over me. My breathing deepens and slows, succumbing to nature’s tempo. My senses awaken. After thanking the morning glories for their intervention, I continue on my slow and purposeful stroll. I am a living breathing part of this rhythm. I inhale harmony and exhale understanding, taking in nature’s movements as my own.
A leaf 🍁 slowly and silently drifts down to the ground as though escorted on angel wings. Aren’t there gentle yet unseen arms that ground me as well? Other leaves cling to their branches hoping for summer’s last reprieve. Brave new buds appear not far from their spent predecessors, now folding and bowing down. This is a lovely concert and as if on cue, a tiny blue and white butterfly πŸ¦‹ waltzes in, adding a finishing touch of whimsical grace. She flutters about, teaching me about joy and balance.
I can return to my day, transformed. Nature’s healing balance is as close as my own breath.


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