Finding Comfort: November’s Message

So many of my friends are dealing with loss so this emerged:
🍁: Finding Comfort in Ablazing Grace

A bright November sun is winking at me. The leafy arms of my maple tree only allow split second glimpses of blazing yellow light, like hundreds of flashing light bulbs. 🍁 Leaves still green but freckled with gold and red tints are hanging on to autumn’s last
limb. They dance and bend to the will of the wind. Soon they will play a leading role in November’s grand finale: a kaleidoscope of colors that will rest on my garden floor and carpet my walkway.

November and I have our common script. We are kindred. My daylight is bending to twilight; autumn is bending to winter. November and I bow to a higher authority as we nod to the will of time. I wonder . . . Do you grieve, November as green fades to gold? Do you lament these changes as loss. Will you welcome December as your second act or will you mourn and harbor regrets?

Long RoadNo answers came that day. These are deep questions so I allowed my friend time to process. No hurry. I trusted and waited. Answers did come, but not during my chosen time, under my Maple.  Answers came unexpectedly, yet loud and clear while driving home at dusk. Brilliant red and orange foliage, arching over both sides of the street, creating an arbor of splendor, waved me homeward, demanding my attention.  Falling leaves  rained down like confetti, creating a mosaic of moving colors. 🍂 November was in its full glory. And then I heard:

What a privilege to be part of this cycle; to be part of the grand design and the continuation of life. Sun up; sun down, seasons shift and life rebounds in cosmic energy. 

My own voice resounded in accord, finding Amazing comfort in all seasons; offering gratitude that my own place in this grand design is noted.

Isaiah 40:31 –
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint.

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