An Open Path , Even When We Don’t See the Way

Do we always know the way?  Do we need to know the way?

Routine for me is comforting.  I like to take the same walks, to follow the same schedule and to enjoy my sense of boundaries. But what happens when the way ahead is blanketed by a heavy fog?  That can be frightening.

I wrote a story that tells of a time, a very scary time for me, when I could not see the path before me.  But like this daring October rose, reaching outward and upward, I did discover the way.  I chose life. I chose my life and the way that I couldn’t see, opened.

I am very proud to announce that Melanie Redd honored me with an invitation to post this story on her beautiful blog, Inspiration, Encouragement and Hope. Kindly click on the following link for the rest of the story.

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