Conversation with a Butterfly

A butterfly flirted 
Into my view,
Fluttering her lashes
Of yellow and blue.

Diverting from
Her dainty task.
I had to know,
I had to ask.

How is there room 
In your tight cocoon
For colorful wings,
And other things?

I have no wings!
She insisted and implored. 
I see no wings,
But I can see yours!

        ------ G. Hill
Aurora Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterflies
Butterflies can’t see their wings. 
They can’t see how truly beautiful they are . . . . but everyone else can. 

 . . . .  People are like that as well.
                    – Naya Rivera 
Hand, Butterfly, Clouds, Flying, Freedom, Faith

Your wings already exist. Today is a good day to fly. Find your soul in the sky.

Author Unknown


Tulip, Flower, Butterfly, Nature

Butterflies can see a range of ultraviolet colors, invisible to the human eye. See more interesting facts about butterflies:,so%20thin%20you%20can%20see%20right%20through%20them.

Butterfly, Child, Floral, Flowers, Kid

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  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    This is gorgeous and wisdom is so true – thank you!


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