Week Three: Circles of Blessings

Circles Need Maintenance

My circles expand, yet regrettably, sometimes they tighten, giving me a feeling of claustrophobia. Is my circle too small?

This egret has a morning message for me. He looks to his right and then, ever so delicately, he turns to his left. Maybe I also needed to look in new directions too.

Nature reminds us that we sit on the edge of a new day, this day and everyday.

I need to re-examine my circle. Maybe it needs new life, this new day. Redirect my thinking. Even the smallest, daintiest egret-movements send waves of life rippling outward, not confined. My thinking needs a new direction. Right or left? I look to the heavens and this radiates out: Seek, and ye shall find. Abundance is in the seeing, not the gathering.

After proper circle maintenance, here is what I placed in my expanding circle of blessings today:

Elegant Egrets

Sixty Degree Mornings

My Daughter’s Kitchen Table Classroom

The Garbage Truck Still Picking Up Trash

New Underwear (sorry, TMI?)

My Stove that produced Two Lemon Pound Cakes with Marmalade Glaze (one half eaten)

Added to My Garden, the Pink Dipladenia

And This: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (Matthew 7:7, kjv)

Pink Dipladenia Vine
Growing in New Directions

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