Week Six: A Concert of Healing, One Day at a Time

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.  
      ------Henry David Thoreau

I understand. My morning walks give me a fresh new start to each day. They expand my capacity to appreciate life, given our restrictions, something on which I need to work. My reward is a lively concert I hear each morning. It is in the pre-dawn that our feathered friends give us their best songs. Enchantment fills the air with a melodious array of sound, everywhere I go. Nature opens avenues of joy with full instrumentation. 

Animal, Bird, Chirp, Cool Remeras, Hearts, Love

Taking center stage is the cheery brass section with lively chirps, cheeps, sharp whistles and lyrical trilling.  Then from high balconies come the deep throaty woodwind doves, with their distinctive cooing as occasional woodpeckers keep the beat. An intermittent bullfrog adds a texture of bass in the lower sections, sounding heavily overstuffed. This composition of sound builds into a crescendo topped with a surprise soloist from a distant platform. A lone rooster, stretching into his full voice, megaphones his short tune. The last of his five-note piece elongates and drifts into an echo, trailing off to places unknown.  

Singing, Birds, Sing, Nature, Song

Like you, I have my claustrophobic moments, disconnected from my former life. But each day I have an opportunity to feel connected to a larger world. Nature opens that door. Inviting us to her concert and in defiance of our current quarantine, she can expand our confinement. I feel gratitude for my front row seat, surrounded by Nature’s beauty, as designed by the Creator’s own hand. And in response to this full composition of light and sound, I hear the rustling of high branches, like an applause of approval, when Nature’s fresh breath waves through the tall palms. Healing feels like a soothing sound, the sounds of the universe.

Waiting, Alert, Keep An Eye On, Look At

Why are birdsongs the sweetest just before sunrise? I found various reasons, one being that they need the quiet to allow for their concert to travel.  It is also thought that the dense morning air is more conducive to transmitting sound.

Birds, Branch, Singing, Musical Notes

But still another theory is that birds sing at dawn to heal the world. 

I’m all for that!  Each day gets us closer.
Bird, Tweeting, Singing, Melody, Song, Animal, Spring
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
     ------Isaiah 41:10
Birds, Cherry Blossoms, Spring, Lark, Blackbird

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Larry says:

    Good read today. Everyone should rise early and just be quiet for a bit. LML


    1. Thank you Larry. I must apologize. It is so hard to edit one’s own work. I corrected a few errors.
      The funny thing is that with magnolias in bloom I began writing about this beautiful flower of strength and endurance. But these my feathered friends would not be denied. They truly are something to hear.


    2. David Gallo says:

      After getting up most of my life at 4 am with the changing of the seasons winter was the worst nothing to hear but the wind but spring and summer sure make up for it loved the read thanks gloria love cousin Dave


  2. Nancy Buhrer says:

    oh yes this is fantastic and so true – early morning is a beautiful time in so many ways to focus and be grateful especially during this tough time for all of us


    1. Bill,
      You are so right, before 7:30. That is why I love my morning walks. I never feel alone.
      My one regret is that we are not attracting hummingbirds here in Florida. In NJ, we get so many. They seem to know us. They fly up to the window and we chat over breakfast. Then outside, they show off their aeronautical skills doing loop-de-loops and buzz-bys. I miss them.



  3. BillR says:

    Loved this one too, Gloria. It’s true. The birds really give it their best in that 6:30-7:30 AM time slot. They seem to say,” I’m here and ready for whatever awaits me.”


  4. Carol Pinnel says:

    This made me wonder why so many people walk of jog with ear buds on. They are missing out on nature’s beautiful concert. I will have to walk earlier to hear even more. You have taught me to stop and appreciate nature even more. Thank you for that. We weren’t quarantined from nature….hallelujah!


    1. Thank you Carol. I agree. Walking with earbuds means you miss the sounds of nature, healing and soothing sounds.


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