Equal days, equal nights,
Winged geese taking flight.
Apples, plums, grapes and pears
Harvested in waning light.

Equal nights, equal days,
Left behind is summer's haze.
When to plant, when to reap
Earth in balance, cycles kept.
Equal warm, equal cold
Leaves still clinging to their hold.
Blowing seeds, the winds of change.
Seasons come and rearrange.
What to say, what goes forth
Emotions high, south and north.
Calming down the inner flux
Balanced as the equinox.

Autumn, winter, summer, spring,
Transitions timed enough to bring 
Balance to our errant whims
Emerging on collective wings.

Equal seasons come and go
Rhythms strum the time to know
So many seeds seeking root
Ye shall know them, by their fruit.

Balance day, balance night
Collective wings gather might.
Soaring high o're crested butte,
Spreading love and gifted fruit.  
Pumpkin, Candle, Still Life, Halloween

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy Buhrer says:

    Gloria, as always, so appropriate – I really look forward to the beauty of these posts! thank you for sharing the beauty of your wisdom-


    1. I love the seasons, especially the autumnal equinox into which we can meld into peaceful balance, harvesting the best in all of us. The vernal arrives with hope and youth. To everything there is a season. Thank you Nance.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. David Johnson says:

    Always a pleasure Gloria, always impressive.


    1. Thank you David. I appreciate your comments.


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