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  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    these are gorgeous Gloria!


    1. Nancy,
      Some background—-While in our winter home in Florida, I began walking the newspaper to my neighbors’ front door. I am an early morning walker so it was easy to do. Then last year, when we were all quarantined, I began to leave hand written notes, helping us all feel connected while in our world of isolation. I called it my “paper route” which soon became a “virtual paper route” for far-away family and friends. One cousin was in the hospital for 7 weeks without any visitors. So, what I am now posting on my blog are some of the more visual messages from my virtual paper route. We all need an uplifting start to the day. The images are from Pixabay.
      I’m in Sarasota for a few days and will continue my posts on Sunday. I love your comments. They keep me connected to you dear friend. How I enjoyed our times working on university issues.


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