Fields of Joy

The happiest flower on God’s earth is the daisy.

From the Greek for “eyes that see the day”, they see and reflect playful glee.

If you are lucky enough to walk by clusters of daisies, listen carefully.

You might hear spontaneous giggling.

Watercolour, Watercolor, Ink, Stain
They say only children or those young at heart can hear them.

Have you heard them?

I hear them best when accompanied by my grandchildren.


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  1. Judith Orazio says:

    Thank you, Gloria. Lovely.


    1. So nice for you to comment, Judy. I am glad you liked it. Friendships are full of joy.


  2. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    Gloria this is gorgeous – something I never thought of, I just know how much I love the spring flowers- I think I “hear their glee” in their beauty! thank you!!


    1. It’s fun to feel what daisies might feel. Keeps us young at heart.


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