Good Humor: Spirit Rising

Laughter is carbonated holiness, a bubbly, effervescent form of love.
    -----Anne Lamott 

Today's post is inspired by so many: Larry, and the rest of the 'crazy eights, our Floridian neighbors, Lily and Anne, my "Ables Run sisters", Sandy and Carol, my childhood best friends, my sweet daughter Lauren, and my darlin' grandchildren whose good humor 'carbonates' my spirit, daily.
Soap Bubbles, Blow, Balls, Flying, Hover
Laughter ferries in chinks of light, flecked with golden frequencies of lyrical joy, the sounds strung together and never forgotten. 
----G. Hill
Line Art Animal, Animal Train, Bear
Strung together, irresistible and contagious laughter, our gifts of good humor.
― Charles Dickens
Whale, Fun, Figure, Game Figure, Toy
Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face.
—-Oliver Wendall Holmes
Laughter is our clearing house, 
Uncluttering the mind.  
Spirit bubbling up, 
Lifting, shifting.
Left behind.
    ----G. Hill
Soap Bubbles, Colorful, Summer, Float
A merry heart does good, like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones.
      -----Proverbs 17:22
Old Woman, Laugh, Portrait
With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
Mother And Baby, Snail, Slug, Mom, Baby
A good laugh injects us with the antidote for life's hardships.   
It is life's shock absorber.    
Smile to go texts
Octopus, Purple, Happy, Smiling, Cartoon, Sealife

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dra. Fall says:

    I loved today’s post, Gloria!! Thank you ????

    Best, Madji

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    1. Madji,
      What a joy to see your comment! I wear those colorful bracelets from you and think of you often. You have made my day, hearing from you, dear friend.


  2. stonielli@verizon:ner says:

    Gloria the laughter we have shared through out our lives made me the person I am. Our childhood years were filled with giggles. When I think of you a d Carol those memories give me hope strength courage and love. Thanks for the time pries and the joy of laughter. We had the ability to turn almost every situation into some type of joy and laughter. Love ❤️🤣😁


  3. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    this is wonderful Gloria!!!


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