In a world of noise, confusion and conflict, it is necessary to find places of silence, beauty and peace.
       ------Thomas Merton
Earth tones blend
In gauzy umber.
Seeping quietly, 
Soft and tender.
------G. Hill

Reaching a tipping point, earth's palette spills and runs together, blurring the hardest of lines.   Bathed in its opalescence, I fold into the willowy mist, melding into fluid oneness.
   -------G. Hill
Let me, O let me bathe my soul in earth-colours; let me swallow the blue mist and drink the rainbow.
           ― Khalil Gibran
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. 
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
        ------John 14:27
You are fluid,
Floating in divine motion,
The current that quenches the soul. —–G. Hill


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  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    as always these pics are beautiful – yes I love John 14:27 Thank you


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