Covered Bridges, Part One

Covered bridges seem to shelter stories from long ago, tales of hellos and goodbyes, pulling us back to simpler times while yawning us forward to the lure of tomorrow.  
         ------G. Hill 
Absent of community, we feel the solitary sense of longing, of comings and goings, of shadow and light, seeking reconciliation between yesterday and what is to come. 
       -----G. Hill
If we ran our life-bridges in reverse, we would see friendships as interconnected vines, a network of extended hands that said, "I will walk with you".
       ------G. Hill
Building Bridges

In building friendships, words are the bricks we use, creating a back and forth of knowing, repeated again and again, going deeper into each other's hearts, minds, pasts, and dreams.

Eventually, a friendship is built - a solid, sheltering structure that exists in the space between you and me.   It is a space outside of ourselves, a refuge from the storms, this bridge we have built together.
         -----Glennon Doyle Melton
Help me find the words that bridge the gaps between my friend and me, between my loved ones and me, between my neighbor and me, to hold them up the way you hold me . . .. the way you hold us all.
-----Anonymous prayer


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It has always seemed to me that the best symbol of common sense is a bridge.
-----Franklin D. Roosevelt
Coming soon . . . Covered Bridges, Part Two


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  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    Gloria this is absolutely awesome – it touches on so many parts of the heart; the pictures as always are so beautiful!! Thank you!

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