Someday Soon . . .

There is a Judy Collins song of the old west, of a love-struck young gal wondering when her free-spirited young rodeo rider will come back for her. "Someday soon", she sings. "Someday soon."  


The oppressed, the stricken and the also hungry cry out, "When???  When will we be safe?  When will there be justice? When will the suffering end?  When will senseless killing end?  
A quote from The Chosen:  "In this world, bones will still break, hearts will still break."

I am captivated by the series, The Chosen.  It is a portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth as he begins his ministry. 

Independent critics agree, The Chosen is a must-see, even if you are not Christian or even religious.  It is an extraordinarily engaging, smart, often funny and insightful production with a fresh take on the accounts found in the New Testament and puts you, the audience, right smack dab in each scene. 


The ordinary and the powerless are asked to follow him.  It is an uncomplicated yet powerful calling.  What marvels me about these unsophisticated men and women who cannot turn from this calling is that after the death of Jesus, they could have puffed themselves up, presenting themselves as truly "in the know".   But instead, they admitted being rebuked by Jesus over and over again for their lack of understanding.  
And like Nicodemus, we still wonder, and still lack understanding.  
I did not intend on writing a spiritual blog.  It was to be a platform of creative writings based on my observations of the day--a memoir of sorts.  But what bubbled up surprised me----something compelling and heartfelt.  

Deep inside a spirit rose, a spirit that wanted a voice.  I had to give it words.   
And the song continues . . .."Someday soon, going with him, someday soon."

Share your comments if you have watched the series. I would love to read them. Not seen it? Watch the trailer. The first season can be seen on Netflix. Or watch free on your cell by downloading the app.

Judy Collins singing Someday Soon

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