Not Cancelled: My Summer Garden in Full Bloom

Congregating in groups of sunny yellows and perky pinks, my summer garden in Central Florida welcomes you.  Standing shoulder to shoulder are varieties of annuals and perennials. Kissed by a lemony sun, they burst with life. 

Not cancelled are: Pallets of colorful pansies with Mickey-Mouse faces.

Not cancelled are: Handfuls of Ruby-Red Gerbera Daisies reaching out for a hug.

Not distanced are: Clusters of greenery invited to this gathering by a flamboyant croton. Rays of green ferns stretching out like a starburst of hope.

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  1. Nancy Buhrer says:

    absolutely awesome!!!! thank you for this burst of sunshine!

  2. Aunt Helen says:

    So beautiful. Thank you

  3. Barb Kimball says:

    Such a beautiful, colorful array! A gorgeous burst of sunshine to start the day! Thank you!

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