Week One: Smaller Circles, Bulging Blessings

Week One: Something ends and something begins

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Like you, I saw my circles of life activities shrinking.  In the week before COVID 19 caused nationwide school closures, and cancelled sporting events, I was meeting friends for lunch, going to the gym, the pool, the library, playing music in my ukulele clubs and of course, dancing in the town squares, all within a radius of two miles.  Then, one by one, these activities halted and my circles collapsed.

Abrupt endings; unexpected beginnings

School children went from academic centers with co-learners, supported by instructional leaders, to kitchen table-learning with their first and most important teacher, their parents. Working parents now suddenly faced with this new role, find themselves in great need of strategies to lead children in distance learning. Likewise, a new beginning for classroom teachers is creating online instructional strategies for parents and students.

In the new normal of social distancing, my life, like yours, went from vibrant circles of activities to a shrinking dot of confinement.  Being a bit claustrophobic, I knew I needed to think differently, even creatively.  My daisy circles dance before with golden centers of hope. Maybe they can help me in my overarching question:

How can I expand my circles of grace, finding fulfillment, creativity and yes, even joy?

 . . . .continue the journey with me

Coming soon:

Week Two of Smaller Circles, Bulging Blessings

My new beginning


Spheres of vivid color

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Larry says:

    Maybe this could be a starting place to share books you are reading and thoughts they generated. What are your thoughts.
    Our circle is definitely smaller and thinking creatively is required to thrive in this new environment


  2. Nancy Buhrer says:

    oh yes, you are so right about the diminishing circles in our lives right now with this virus- tough on all of us


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