Edges of Time, Colliding

Note: I look to nature to teach me about the cycles of change, where the edges of time collide.

A flurry of life explodes in the marshes.  Sea coexists with land, saltwater meets fresh water, and life rebounds from tight cycles of decay and decomposition.   Described as a collision of ecosystems that run into each other, from open oceans to back bays, to creeks, to rivers of grasses, where migrations of waterfowl follow hidden commands to come and go. (See citation below).  And it is here that I honor the dynamic edges, the collisions of life, where time past and time forward run into each other.
       -----G. Hill
In the process of moving from one state to another, from one habitat to another, of boxing things up and the comings and goings of possessions, my life's timepiece runs into each other, a mishmash of identities, my own ecosystems, colliding together. 
       ------G. Hill
Forsythe Wildlife Sanctuary, Coastal Southern New Jersey
No one ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and we are not the same person.
         – Heraclitus 
The tides, however hidden, move us forward.  If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will move you with a new hello.
            ― Paulo Coelho
Nature shows us the purpose of life is to obey the hidden command which ensures harmony among all and creates an ever-better world. 
         ------Maria Montessori
Nothing is hidden except for the purpose of having it revealed, and nothing is secret except for the purpose of having it come to light.
        Mark 4:22

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The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is composed of coastal salt marsh , spanning 50 miles along the back bays of the New Jersey coast, from Barnegat Bay in Brick Township south to Reeds Bay, just outside Atlantic City.


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  1. Bill R says:

    My wife and I both love the Jersey marshes and bays. They’ve not really changed in centuries, and the past can be savored now.


    1. So fresh and renewing. Don and I love the Forsythe Wildlife Sanctuary off Rte 9 near Smithville. It is especially beautiful in the morning with the sun glistening on the water.


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