A Groundwork of Possibilities

Groundwork is laid. Be ready. Stand in the realm of possibilities.  
         -----David Levithan. 
Living in the realm of possibilities is stepping into your knowing place where all things possible pulsate with promises.   
       ----G. Hill
And looking at them, Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
       -----Matthew 19:26
When you realize how much is generously tucked into a single moment, you want to be like my granddaughter and twirl in them.
——G. Hill
Moments that Dawn

Not measured by time or place,
By loss or by gain,
My belonging space,
This moment,
Of Grace.

To twirl in the realm 
Of possibilities---
In gratitude
For love given.

This moment lives,
Empowered and strong,
Fear and loss
Cannot belong.

To dance in the realm
Of promises given,
Love overwhelms,
Power driven.

Here I belong
Claiming this realm.
Standing in awe.
Touching my dawn.
       -----G. Hill
Groundwork is laid. The debt paid. Be ready. Stand in the realm of possibilities.  
         -----David Levithan. 


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