Note to readers: Yesterday’s post was about being of good cheer. No doubt our hearts are made to sing, to soar and also to sigh. We grieve. We mourn, Feel lost and unsure. But rest and renewal can be found.


Weary and hurting,
Heavy from burden.
As the moon sinks low
There is a place to let go.
      ------G. Hill
Full Moon, Landscape, Sea, Lake, Island
Not as a quitter,
Not forlorn or bitter--
But an easing of mind
Where we can find . . .
      -------G. Hill
See the source image
There is a bed of divine light
To soften the night,
Resting the mind and realigned,
Held in the crescent 
Of love
And presence.

        ----- G. Hill

See the source image

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    absolutely gorgeous- message and pictures and I often quote that scripture from Matthew- thank you!!


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