Gratitude: Uplift to Everything

Abundance is in the seeing, not the gathering.
     -----G. Hill

Back in February of this year, I posted “A Groundswell of Gratitude” . The link to that post is below. I wrote about an experience when I felt spiritually lifted off the ground. I am sure you have had those experiences— when your spirit soars and you are weightless in a stratosphere of love, connection and so much gratitude. I called it a ‘groundswell of gratitude’.

Dandelions, Dandelion, Meadow, Sun
The real gift of gratitude is that more grateful you are, the more present you become.
       -----Robert Holden
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When gratitude captivates the small everyday moments, life becomes a bonanza.


What Is In Your Groundswell of Gratitude?

I invite you to comment on your own groundswell of gratitude, your own bonanza. Here is a start:

Gratitude:  A beginning of a list

The love of family
Pride in my daughter who is a loving and fun mother
Cuddling with my grandchildren on movie night
Walking Lucas to preschool
Knowing Don is on my side
Dark Chocolate
Ukuleles and singing with my ukulele friends
Playing games with Marco
Hearing my little granddaughter call out " Oh, Gi-gi!"
Grace, Grace, and more Grace
Steaming mugs of morning coffee
Christ who showed us the way of love compassion for others

Want to add three more? Feel free to repeat any of the ones given. Whimsy is encouraged. ( I already claimed dark chocolate.)

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A new word: Gratitudiness.  
It's a mindset that puts us on the threshold of everything.
       ----- G. Hill
Woman, Sky, Sunlight, Arms, Open Arms, Sunbeams

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jimmy DiDomenico says:

    Gods Grace – though not everything I hope for has fallen into place, the most important things I would be very lonely without He has provided. His grace allows me to see the fortune of those things alone.


  2. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    yes I give thanks of gratitude every day – morning as I start my run and evening at the close of the day – this message is so beautiful and the pictures of those grandsons are awesome – thank you


    1. Love how you bookend your day with gratitude. It’s a wonderful mindset.
      I used a photo from pixaby. Kids are cute but not mine.


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