Chrysanthemums, On the Crest of Fall

The Chrysanthemum: From the Greek chrysos meaning gold, and anthemon meaning flower, the golden “MUM” has much to say, Mums tell us there is enduring beauty and strength amid the natural cycles of life.

With petals shooting out like stars
The golden spheres radiate birth.
When garden perfume begin to wan
Pots of mums remind us again
Of enduring life.
      -------G. Hill
Chrysamthemum, Flower, Yellow, Petals
Let everything in creation draw you to God. 
Refresh your mind with some innocent recreation and needful rest, if it were only to saunter through the garden or the fields, listening to the sermon preached by the flowers, the trees, the meadows, the sun, the sky, and the whole universe. 

You will find that they exhort you to love and praise God; that they excite you to extol the greatness of the Sovereign Architect Who has given them their being.

      ----- St. Paul of the Cross


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  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    Yes! I love this one- so very true! thank you!

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