When a Hummingbird Says Goodbye

Our hummingbirds are ready for their long migration.

Flying Wings of Jewels

They soar and dip,
Pivot in mid air
Buzz and  flit
Showing off such flare.

And one came so near
And studied my face
With nothing to fear
It fluttered in place.

I watched contrite
As he flew out of sight.
A visit that knelled
His fond farewell.
      ------G. Hill
Hummingbird, Bierds, Beak, Feathers
NOTE: Our Hummingbirds seem to have much to say.  I found this.  I thought it to be so interesting.
At the end of the day,
Love is like a hummingbird
Returning to its favorite flower.

         -----Sanober Khan 
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    Awesome pictures – my neighbor has a feeder that I can see from my window and watch them- one seems to think it is hers and sits on the hook holding the feeder- she chases another one away when it comes by – we finally saw the male this week! I really love watching them


    1. Nancy, This was a truly awesome encounter. I posted it on a hummingbird group page on Facebook and someone described the same thing happened to her. She described it so beautifully. I do think they were saying goodbye. We get so much enjoyment from our hummingbirds. Then we say good bye until next year. Unfortunately, we have yet to see them in Florida but we still hang a feeder. Maybe, just maybe.


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