God is right with us 
And in us
And all though us
But we have to go on journeys 
To find him.
      ------Thomas Merton
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The Soul-Journeyer

The miles I have traveled
For mysteries unraveled.
Often lost and scattered 
To find what matters.
      ------G. Hill
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Wings made for flight,
And a compass of light,
Over land and sea foam,
Not flying alone.
      G. Hill
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If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.
      ------Wayne Dyer
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My soul in formation
With no hesitation.
I will take that journey,
Again and again.
       ------G. Hill


Goose, Bird, In Flight, Greylag Goose, Waterfowl

A Journey of Another Kind:

The Road Ahead Paved with Love:

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So they said to him:
“Please inquire of God, that we may know whether the journey on which we go will be prosperous.”

And the priest said to them:

 “Go in peace. The presence of the Lord be with you on your way.”
        ------Judges 18: 5-6
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  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    oh yes, “go in peace ..the presence of the Lord’ is with us! oh yes! Beautiful, Gloria!

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