The Spontaneity Factor, Plan for It.

Dedicated to all the spontaneous encounters with friends I meet on my daily routines, how you enrich my life: Lily, Ann, Mary and Larry, John and Eileen, David, Joe, Jack, Judy, Lana, Carol and Dave. Iris and Al, Sonja and Scott, Dana, Bob and Vera, the Eileens (there are 3), Mary D., Janet, Nancy in Lake Arrowhead, Butch and Becky, Kim and so many more and those yet to meet.

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There is a mystery within all beings bursting to reveal itself . . .a benevolent force shines spontaneously from your presence towards all beings, and this light cannot help but illuminate the world.
Hug, Harmonious, Friend, Hug, Harmonious

Flowing in me
Rivers of spontaneity. 
Liquid laughter, smiling after
Chance encounters.

Was it a plan?
That we shared this span
Of time? 

You were placed, a gift
A spiritual lift.
If I have eyes to see
Reservoirs for me.
     ------G. Hill
Meerkat, Cute, Mammal, Wildlife, Brown, Standing
What people call serendipity sometimes is just having your eyes open.

      -----Jose Manuel Barroso
Dog, Man, Hug, Smooch, Cuddle
Spontaneity is a meticulously prepared art.
― Oscar Wilde
You will show me the path of life.
In your presence is fullness of joy.
At your right hand are pleasures,
        ------Psalm 16:11
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  1. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    oh gosh this wisdom is wonderful– I love the scripture and the art!


    1. I know it is an oxymoron, but I do think we can plan to be gifted with impromptu encounters that refresh us.


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