A Life Speaking

In his book, Let Your Life Speak, Parker Palmer says our most meaningful mistakes have a resounding message.  Listen to them beyond judgment. Value them. After all, they are the vessels that carried us from missteps to pivotal footsteps, from misdeeds to good deeds.  This migration from regret to self-fulfillment becomes the articulation of our lives.  
There Comes a Voice
               ----Mary Oliver
 . . . and there comes a voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do—
determined to save
the only life you could save.
Grazed by mistakes we open our hearts to become something better. Our lives are not etched by what we brushed up against.  Deeply engrained is what rubbed off. 
       ----G. Hill
When you rub the right wires together, you get light.
      -----G. Hill
Imperfect, struggling, yet wired for redemption, and worthy of love and belonging. —-Brene Brown
For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you.
         ------Psalm 86:5
What Rubs Off
For almost a century, major league baseball teams have rubbed a special mixture of soil, clay, water, and minerals on baseballs.   Leaving no color or odor, the unique solution removes the sheen from the new baseballs.  Curiously, the best mud for this purpose is only mined in my home state of New Jersey.  The Jersey Mud has certainly rubbed off on me as well.   
Southern NJ occupies the state's nickname: The Garden State.   Tree lined back roads ribbon through miles of woods and farms. In my home state, I was never far from watching life grow.  I will take that love of earth with me.  It certainly has rubbed off.

Our family farm, Trionfo Farms, grows leeks, parsley, cilantro and good people.
My memories cling--they're inside me - they're not things or a place - I can rub up against them and take them anywhere.
        -----Olivia Newton-John
Heart-Wired to Learn
Love catches you in the strangest places, 
and hope rubs off and clings to us in the nooks
and crannies we never think to look.
          -----Shelly Crane


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ED TRIONFO says:

    You’re one of the good people that grew up there.


    1. I am one of the many and oh so lucky. I had a front row seat. As a young girl, when my grandfather Ernesto Trionfo removed his hat at the dinner table revealing a very white bald head that contrasted his tanned face, I thought it was his halo. Now I know he has a real halo. He was a good man.


  2. Bill R says:

    Your post on the value of mistakes and how we can use them to help us continue our journey was really good. Your quotes and your own writings were really excellent.


    1. With gratitude, Bill R., many thanks. Thoughts and reminisces surface when packing up a life.


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