Ladybug, Ladybug

Ladybug, Ladybug
I see the way
You don't display
Your ruby wings. 

Like you, my pinion 
Are out of sight,
But ready to spread
Winged for flight.

      G. Hill
Raindrops, Leaves, Ladybug
God is not remote from us.
Not tucked away. 
He is at the point of my pen, 
The point of my paint brush, 
The tip of my fingers,
My heart and thoughts,
And the wind to my wings.
                Pierre du Chardin


Ladybug, Insect, Nemrut, Dagi

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  1. don brubaker says:

    An I will always keep
    my pinion tucked away and out of sight. In fact, I’ve never found my pinion. Once I learn what it is I just might locate it out and let it out for the whole world to see.

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    1. pinion
      the outer part of a bird’s wing including the flight feathers.


  2. Nancy E Buhrer says:

    Gorgeous pictures and wisdom so true! Thank you Gloria

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