On Consignment

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Native American Belief

Dawn’s Liquid Light

Dewdrops Millions and trillions Pinpoints of light Flickering gently, Like candlelight. “Look at me!”, “Look at me!”– They compete and recite. Blinking and twinkling, Dawn’s liquid light. How is it one drop can hold the sun? Like an elegant crystal ball? Fragile yet bright, fleeting delight, Catch it before its gone.

White Choral Bells: When They Ring True

The Red Rose, dazzling and showy, asked the Lily of the Valley, the flower of May, “Why do you hide so low in the shadows? Come out in the sun and be seen.” The Lily, small and white, responded, “Then no one will bend down to take in my sweet perfume.” “Why would you want…

A Higher Plane

Small and insignificant Doubts inside, Failings and flaws, Ego and pride Undeservedly Yet graciously given, My soul is lifted Again and forgiven. How to comprehend Love’s purity? No greater love than His love for me.

A Chariot of Pearls

Moon-glow seductively lures us into her soft chariot of pearls. Once eased into her luminescence, we pause, unravel, and then hitch a ride on a faraway horizon.

Rediscovering Fire

There is a special time each morning just before the sun stretches above the horizon that sparks my day. I walk westward as dawn breaks. Early sunbeams lay softly on my shoulders. It is a touch from the heavens, reminding me there is a great reservoir of divine energy ready to fuel my soul. Each…

Fields of Joy

The happiest flower on God’s earth is the daisy. From the Greek for “eyes that see the day”, they see and reflect playful glee. If you are lucky enough to walk by clusters of daisies, listen carefully. You might hear spontaneous giggling. Have you heard them? I hear them best when accompanied by my grandchildren….

Friendships: Our Heart Lights

We smiled You and I And something glowed. We laughed You and I And joy flowed. We connected You and I And a spirit shown down Right here in our midst! As we gathered Transfixed. ***************************** For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them….


Finding peace, depth, and ease of mind beside the stilled waters.  He leadeth me beside the stilled waters.  He restoreth my soul.  Psalm 23:2 ************* But sometimes you have to improvise when stilled waters are not available.